The European Newspaper Vending Machine

Printed media are forever. As long as they keep up with the times.

Newspapers are facing huge challenges. Expectations about digital versions are sky high. Yet, earnings are still disappointing. The new digital consumer still has to adapt to the fact that news is no longer a free commodity.

Although all over the world the circulation of print media is under pressure, there is no reason for pessimism about the future of papers and magazines. In the coming years the category of elderly readers that traditionally stick to print will only grow and will remain an important target for publishers at large.

Subscriptions may slow down, but loss on that side can generally be compensated by increased street sales of papers and magazines, provided that innovative tools are implemented.

In Europe state of the art newspaper and magazine vending machines can make the difference. These are technological advanced machines that deliver in a matter of seconds. Moreover, they are exceptionally mobile and can be deployed, either fixed or temporarily, on sites that so far were ignored by media distributors.

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